Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Is Your Devotional By a Dead Guy?

Yes, I am writing to you from beyond the grave this morning... No, I'm writing in my usual chair at my usual home, and as far as I know I am still among those we call 'the living'. I put the single quotes around that because I'm sure that we don't yet know true living here in the shadow lands of death. Jesus knows true living and He waits for us to return to Him in the land where life is eternal and blessed.

Two of my devotional writers are dead, gone, no longer on this earth...passed, resting in peace, beyond their expiration date, and yet each morning they write to me through the magic of recorded words passed along the Internet. My words come to you in the same way; how do you know that I am not writing from Heaven? Easy, of course, I have no knowledge that you cannot get from God's Word or from His Holy Spirit. I can't write of what it's like 'up here' because I am still down below with y'all. The recorded words of my dead devotional brothers are similarly lacking in that special knowledge that only those who are with Christ in the heavenly realm can know.

We are gaining more hints and bits of knowledge though. Children are going to be with Jesus for a brief time and returning to tell us of the sweetness to come. Several books are available giving us more knowledge of what is coming soon. But children are not the only witnesses. Adults too have died and gone to Heaven, only to be sent back with their testimony. Of course, there is a point that those who must return cannot go beyond. Not all knowledge and experience is available even to them. We still have that separation for a little while.

No, your devotional is not actually by a dead guy. But oh what they might tell us about this short stay in the lands of persecution and suffering! And mayhap that is their message too: this time is short, believe in Jesus now, have faith until the end. The great things that will come; will come!

Until we celebrate with Jesus, have a loving day in the love of Christ!


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