Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Not in the Bible!

I searched in the NKJV of the Bible this morning and the word 'coffee' does not appear there; so we can't have any today. The argument that 'it's not in the Bible' can be an amusing one. We don't find personal computers, cars, trucks, airplanes, wrist watches, cellular phones, or the Internet mentioned in the Bible, but few people call for their dismissal from modern life because they are 'not in the Bible'. But mention the Trinity and all manner of dissension breaks out because it's not in the Bible. I'm not mentioned in the Bible by name, but please don't throw me out just yet.

What is in the Bible are the important things in life. Jesus, salvation, the Cross, an empty tomb, resurrection, loving God, loving your neighbor, eternal life, and there might be a mention or two of someone returning for us. Along with the many stories, lessons, laws, histories, and prophecies in the Bible is an everlasting love that our God has for us. Mercies abound in this great book of books. Righteousness prevails throughout the text. Yes, sin has its day, but in the end Jesus stands triumphant, victor over death and the grave. Praise God for that; death and the grave are scary places to look at!

Have a great weekend in Christ Jesus!


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