Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things Look Worst...

Good Tuesday morning! We live in an age of information, but one of difficult faith. What we see will not last, and what we do not see will last forever. The disciples faced just such a time when the Teacher they had followed for more than three years was executed before their eyes. Dead is dead, or so they thought, and even with the evidence of Lazarus they did not expect to see Jesus again. Then, strange tales began to be told, "I've seen the Lord!" Hardly to be believed, but soon to be followed by that password all Christians love to hear, "He is risen!"

Jesus indeed soon appeared to hundreds of people in and around Jerusalem for a brief time before ascending to our Father and His Father, our God and His God. It is wonderful that even as He rose in triumph over death and the grave, Jesus thought of us. He appeared to Mary Magdalene as she wept by His empty grave. He showed Himself to the disciples hidden in the locked room. All to let them know that He was indeed risen. To Thomas, Jesus gave the privilege of touching His glorious wounds. No doubt it was heartbreaking to see one so full of life killed in such a manner. Yet, there He was, filled with new life abundantly. What a change He made in their lives and in ours today! Things look worst...just before they look very good in Christ!

Give glory to God for He is Risen!


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