Monday, August 17, 2015

The Problem I Can't See

Do you ever wish that you could see inside of someone else to see the problem? Evidence shows that there is a problem, but you cannot see the problem from your vantage point. Doctors of course deal with this on a daily basis. Some symptoms add up to normal or often seen causes and those are more easily diagnosed. However, other symptoms can point to many causes and so the medical profession has developed various gadgets and devices for seeing inside a body. Faith is much like that. We cannot see what we want to see to confirm what we believe through a physical examination. Jesus is in Heaven seated at the right hand of the Father and we cannot see that right now with our very earth-bound eyes. The price of sin was paid at the cross by our Lord Jesus, but we cannot confirm that with our five earthly senses.

Oh sure, we can read it in the Word of God, but for every one who reads and believes there is a number who read and do not believe. Faith is much like two doctors examining the same patient and coming up with completely different answers to the problem. However, unlike the physical but unseen problem of what is going on inside a body, no amount of scopes, rays, gadgets, tubes, or remote cameras will solve the problem. The two doctors can make a wager and then order a test to decide who is correct. Those who approach the Word of God must wait, that is if they want the evidence of their eyes to decide, on the return of Jesus when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, or we can believe right now based on faith and eagerly await that same event with joy residing in the heart.

Faith, it is our great opportunity to believe in Christ!


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