Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Connection and Coincidence

There seems to be a sort of mini-migration to and from Portland this year as the second family I know is leaving today. I'm not sure what has brought this on, but there it is. I was thinking last night about connections between me and someone far away. We are tempted to recall how close we are through technology, but there has been a way for quite some time that is closer still: God. Even in the days when a person such as King David had no idea who might be living in the lands far away, he could pray for them and God knew the numbered hairs on each head in that land across the sea. The same goes today. I may not know the name and have never seen the face, but if I pray for a brother in Christ in a nation over the sea, God knows that person as well as He knows me.

Yes, my connection seems a bit tenuous given that I couldn't identify my Christian brother by name, and if he grabbed his passport, took a flight over here, and then strolled down my street I might not be the wiser that the object of my prayer was right there. However, when God is the way of our connection we might well greet each other in Christ and give thanks to God, for my brother might well have prayed for me too!

Two families vacationing in the same city is coincidence, but the way of God is connection from Him to us through Christ Jesus, from me to you, and from each of us to a Christian brother or sister far away. One God listens to our prayers and His Holy Spirit gives all comfort and guidance. One Savior died for the sins of all who will believe, and through our Lord Jesus we have a firm connection. Paul who died these many years ago in Rome lives in us through Christ. Peter encourages us from Heaven. With a name we might direct a special prayer to Christian from far away, but even without the name we can pray and God will connect us.

Glory to God our firm connection,


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