Friday, August 21, 2015

Switches to Flip

Discovery of various genes seems to make up a goodly bit of our news at times. Turn this one off and, poof, no more ageing. Turn this other one off and, possibly, no more obesity. Are we then just a collection of genetic switches to flip? One wonders what then turned those switches on in the first place. Of course, the danger comes in thinking that we have no choice and no responsibility in the matter of life. If I am genetically programmed to do this thing of that other thing, then I bear no responsibility in trying to stop doing them. Set against that is the law and the prophets which speaks of Israel bearing responsibility for abusing the poor, chasing after idols, and other sins. The very words from the King James version "Thou shalt not" speak of us being able to choose to obey those commands.

John the Baptist was born under a prophecy of knowing to choose the right at an early age. In the thinking of some today, he would have been pre-programmed and unable to choose any other way in life. Somehow I think John might disagree, probably having faced down many a temptation in his life back in the day. Jesus too faced temptation, and I don't believe that it was a formality with a foregone conclusion. Our Lord fought back with the Word of God, and won through His decision to not sin. With the strength of Christ though His Holy Spirit, we can too!

I would like to abdicate responsibility for the wrong decisions and sin in my life. No regrets, no need for forgiveness, after all I was made that way and unable to do any better. Sounds too easy though, a lot like that broad and smooth way that leads to destruction that Jesus spoke of. When I gave my life to Jesus, it became a fight to the death against sin and temptation. I will make some mistakes along the way and chose the wrong path at times. More than once, Jesus has found this sheep of His with its foot in the fowler's snare, at times to the point of being flat on its woolly back. No, I need Jesus not because of some gene switches that got flipped, but because I was born a sinner and need to be washed clean by the blood of the Lamb.

Amen, come Lord Jesus!

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