Friday, August 28, 2015

Share, Then Share Jesus

Humans like to share their stories. Wherever we work, what we do for that work, family, friends, and especially those experiences that make up life, we like to share with others. One of the more difficult persons to deal with is the one who wants only to share of himself and quite fails to listen to others at all. We don't like that person because we like to inject a story or two into the flow ourselves!

What about Jesus though? Here was a man who had the very best news, a godly perspective, and perfect knowledge. You might think that to listen to Him and Him alone would be the desire of all who followed Him and everyone who came into contact with Him. Yet, the speeches of our Lord are not lengthy and His responses are often short and direct to the point. Sometimes, as we read through the scriptures, we note that Jesus didn't even answer the question put to Him. Our Lord often saw past the spoken question and answered the unspoken need while sharing of Himself at the same time.

While we don't always have that sort of insight into the other person - the times we do being of the Spirit's making - we can share, and then share Jesus. We all have some interesting stories and experiences from our lives. We share those stories with others, then we share what Jesus did about them for us and what He did from them to us. Yes, I may have a great story of pain and suffering, but what makes it great is what my Lord did to make me a better person from that experience. You may have a great story of accomplishment, but what makes it great is how Jesus strengthened you in a moment of doubt, helped you to a wonderful idea, or humbled you even as an award was given. Sharing, and then sharing Jesus, a loving thing for each of us.

Have a wonderful Friday in Christ!


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