Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Perfect Home

I think I was in the perfect home yesterday. If I didn't realize it at first, I certainly had cause when I was handed a pair of disposable booties to put on over my boots. As a not quite perfect photographer, I don't feel up to the task of shooting the perfect home. Inadequacy is not a comfortable feeling for us in this world, and we seem to get it a lot. Well praise God for that, because Jesus my Lord came to save the lost sheep of the human family!

We are lost in so many ways that being made to feel inadequate should make us feel rightly included in the flock of lost sheep Jesus came to save. We feel inadequate when we cannot meet the standards of this world. How much more so when the Holy Spirit reminds us of how far we fall short of God's glorious standard. Yet, Jesus loved us just the right amount to go to the cross for all those who will believe in Him. You and I may be inadequate by the world's standards, but we are just right for the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ!

In fact, when we get to the pearly gates and others are telling the Judge how they perfected the world, cured all diseases, saved a million lives, and were just wonderful people, we can say without hesitation, "Sir, Your Son came to save the lost, shameful, sinning, stumbling, bumbling sheep of this fallen world, and I fit that bill perfectly!"

Amen, Come Lord Jesus!


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