Friday, August 07, 2015

Mid-Summer's Day

Just when I think it is time to go south for the winter, I realize that it is the middle day of summer. The question is: am I anxiously anticipating too far ahead or depressingly behind the seasons? Fortunately for me, I'm just goofing a bit on a Friday morning. As of yesterday, the kids around here are into their final two weeks of summer. Their goofing must now take on that final desperate push to cram in all that summer should have been in less than two weeks. Dr. Carson goofed a little last night too; the problem is that all the half-brains in Washington DC thought he was referring to the other guy. Biddy boom.

Is this a Christian devotional or some sort of time to goof around? Ah, but Jesus said, "...and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age." (part of Matt 28:20) We tend to think that Jesus may have meant only in church, or perhaps in the prayer closet too, and maybe He would be with us in choir practice, or perhaps just at night when we are scared, at those times He would be with us. We may not realize the extent of 'always' when we consider the times Jesus is with us. Yes, goofing a bit on a Friday morning, He is here. Stressed out at work on a Monday, Jesus is there too. Frightened in a bad nightmare, Jesus is with you. Feeling the happy moment when things just can't be any better? Jesus is right there if we but realize it. Sad over a terrible event in life - yes, Jesus is with you and me in those times. All the time and every time, Jesus walks with us in a close bond that He will never break. Why would He leave us when He died to save us?

Have a great day WITH Christ Jesus!


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