Friday, August 14, 2015

Messages Mixed Maximally, Man!

Charge in swinging and wait on the Lord! Let go and let God while you step out in faith. All sin is forgiven, rejoice in your new freedom to do everything the Law says! We must have Jesus in our hearts so that we can meet the Lord at church. Ach! Quit taking the Christian sound bites and mashing them together! You're causing maximally mixed message mastication mortification!

Aye, watch enough Christian shows, hear enough Christian songs, and read enough Christian writings (including this one!), and you will find some mixed messages. We often search for one go-to, catch-all method to reach for every time things get tough. Reading the Bible though shows that God often worked in His various ways. One time the Israelites were told to watch and do nothing as God defeated the enemy army (story in 2 Chronicles 20). Most other times their faith went along with their marching feet into battle (many places in the Old Testament). Sometimes the Israelites of old were given seemingly harsh instructions such as Joshua at the battle of Jericho. Other times mercy was granted. What are we to think with all these messages?

Of course, watch, hear, and read enough in the Word, in churches, in songs, and in writings, and there is also one overriding theme that reaches into every thing called Christian - Christ! The love of God in the person of Jesus Christ cares for every one of His lost sheep. Every situation may not have the same answer for a method, but every trial and tribulation has the same answer, Jesus! Every prayer of the Christian ends with "Amen, come Lord Jesus!" even when we don't say those exact words. We may not know in the situation whether to wait on God or go forth in faith, to stand in Christ or kneel in prayer first, but we know whom to turn to always and in every time and place, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Rejoice in the Lord always!


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