Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What May It Become

Great pumpkins! The first of the pumpkins have appeared as little green plants. Is it hard for me to believe that those little plants will one day produce large, orange melons? You bet it is at this point in their growth cycle. My life in Christ probably looks very like that to the Great Gardener who planted me. If I could see what I may become, nay, will become in the fullness of God's time, I might not need faith to drive me on. To me, my life often looks like an ugly little plant, good for nothing and apt to never produce fruit of any save the most noxious kind. Jesus has something different to say.

Each of us will or has reached a point in the Christian journey with our Lord that we see nothing but foul sin in all areas of life. Like the little seed that just fell into the ground, broke open, and sprouted this tiny little plant, the life we share in Christ may not look much like what we expect of the fruit promised, but seemingly unborn. Peace, patience, joy, lovingkindness? At times it seems that I have none of these things. God could never accept such an ugly little plant as me. Too late and so wrong! God has already accepted me and you in Christ Jesus, His Son. We don't have to worry about what we will become in Christ, the Gardener has it under control.

Weeds and thorns? Oh yes, there will be lots of distractions and chokers in this little garden of life. That is a good subject for another time. God's grace and peace to you on this great pumpkin day!


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