Friday, May 30, 2014

What Exactly Is Going On?

Happy Friday to you! Now that is a dumb question to put in the title. How should I know in a general way what is going on, much less the exact things that are going on? However, I can point you in a certain prayer direction that will put you in touch with the One who has a handle on that. My God knows all things, so I don't have to know what exactly is going on. My mind is not capable of holding and retrieving that much information in any case. Hebrews 1:3 gives me some comfort when I try to think through too much of just one day's earthly activity. "He upholds the universe by the word of His power." Jesus has it all under control! That is a great comfort to me.

In an overwhelming world, we feel lost often enough. So much is out of our control that we are easily led to despair. I wonder at times how many men and women have entered politics in an attempt to gain some control, only to find that they really don't have all that much even in such lofty offices as president, governor, or senator. Do dictators cling to the throne hoping to control just a bit more of their miserable lives? What exactly is the diva shouting orders at her staff hoping to control? The general can send the troops marching, but still his meeting with death approaches. I can take allergy pills, but still the morning sneeze attack comes...sorry, gotta pause a bit.

20 minutes later...Okay, what a great example of my lack of control! I can't even control my own nose. Nope, I did not know that would happen this morning either. I'm glad the One who loves us and died to save us from sin is in control. He upholds the universe with His command, and He upholds me through a sneeze attack too. The big things and the little, all under His control. What God does not rule on immediately, He can overrule later, if He so chooses. He lets us try and fail, He is also there with us when we try again and succeed. Hallelujah!


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