Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring! Let Us Renew Our Love of Jesus

Good morning and a hearty welcome to that first day of Spring! Winter seems long this year, but in time it must always give way to the coming of spring. Of course, here in the more northerly areas, we know that does not mean that trees automatically spring into bloom and flowers may hold off for a bit yet. The weeds are coming up though. Still, whatever the weather does today, it is nice to see the date arrive on the calendar. Easter is a month away yet, but the first day of spring is a good time to renew our love of Jesus. A few moments today in private with the Word of God will do quite nicely. Read a psalm or two, your favorite passages from the gospels, or perhaps that letter of rejoicing: Philippians. Take time for prayer and thanksgiving in your prayer room alone with Jesus our Lord. Do a good deed in the Lord's name. Sit back for a while in your favorite chair and enjoy being with Jesus.

We have many ways to worship and praise our Lord, and we can do them on any day. Once in a while though, it is nice to have an unscheduled holiday, whether at work or not, to renew our love for Jesus. If you can, take the day and get away to a quiet place to listen as Jesus loves you. Yes, we were not the first to express our love. Jesus did it way before we were born on this earth. We send up a few drops of love, and a deluge comes back our way. Even in those times when our mind is far away, the love of Jesus flows into and over us like a mighty unstoppable river. As the apostle wrote: nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Have a loving day,

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