Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday in the Snow

"The kitties are fed, no longer blue. Their noise has diminished, now I'm happy too!" Sung to whatever tune you want to make up. I see that many of the psalms have notations regarding the melody used in singing. However, that doesn't really help us now as the music has been lost to the centuries gone by. At one time, churches sang only the psalms, but likely not to the original tunes. Music and singing is such a gift from God that we often don't realize how precious it is to us. Many people prefer live singing in their church services. It sure beats the dead singing. I for one find their sort of music a little creepy. We are told to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Indeed, those in the afterlife, or upper-life or up there in Heaven, are heard to make many joyful hymns to the Lord in the Revelation. Singing and music it seems will be present for some time to come.

What music glorifies the Lord with the falling snow outside? Perhaps any music that makes us happy, joyful, worshipful, or get up and dance. The music of the psalms may be lost so that we don't think up limitations to what we can sing or play or listen to for our music. It is interesting that the group Jesus came down on the most, the Pharisees, seems to keep coming back into our worship and religion. Nothing but the psalms? Bah, think of the many great songs we might never have heard in our worship.

Have a great and joyful weekend in Christ!

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