Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Have I Changed?

Good spring morning to you! Perhaps not every day, but at least once in a while we must examine the life Jesus gives since our rebirth in Him. One question we must look to is: How have I changed (or been changed)? Of course, all the credit for positive changes goes to Jesus our Lord, but it is good for us to note them.

The same temptations we faced back in the days of sin probably still assault us now. However, are those temptations now defeated in Christ? Do we see victory at times? Perhaps not in every battle, but in the strength Jesus gives do we win a few? What about those feelings toward others? I can recall a day when a favorite sport of mine in I.T. (MIS, back in the day) was to belittle those with less technical knowledge. That temptation is still there, but now the spirit in me no longer desires that action. Yes, every now and then someone does make it too easy, and resistance is strained to the breaking point. Every fall though does not show an improvement the other person needs to make, but the space I must grow into while growing into the shoes my Savior showed me by His example. Er, uh..."grow into while growing into"?!? I left that to show that my writing skills in the morning may have a bit of growth room left too!

Ah, ha, ha, we all deserve a good laugh this morning! Hopefully, the next one won't be at your expense. Love Jesus with all your heart, and love one another as He commanded.


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