Friday, March 22, 2013

What Did Moses Feel?

Good Friday morning to you! Not quite the Good Friday, but it's getting close. This morning I thought about Gideon and his mission, but then I also thought about Moses. What did Moses feel when God gave his marching orders? We get some indication by the excuses Moses gave right off. What might it feel like to us though, ordered back to a place where they know you...and they know what you did. Moses didn't get that dreaded mission to the Congo, he got something perhaps worse - go back to your home town.

Moses carried a burden, the guilt of a murder. Not only that, he carried the memory of some scoffers among his own people. At the time of his meeting with God, Moses thought he had it made as a shepherd and husband. Nope, God met him in the wilderness and mentioned this little project. Go back to Egypt and convince the leader to give up his free labor force. The days of Joseph were long gone. The Hebrews were now enslaved, and as we can imagine, the masters had probably come to enjoy their free labor. God would take care of the back pay later, but at this time Moses only knew that Pharaoh was not likely to give up his slaves. Now, before Moses started up the plagues to show God's power, he had to travel back home.

First, how does your wife greet the news of packing up and moving away from family, friends, and the home? "I thought you'd never ask!" I'm guessing that wouldn't be her first reaction. Travel for a vacation is one thing, packing up the household and moving is something else entirely. Then, Moses had the journey back to the place where he might just be arrested by the nearest execution squad. God told Moses that those men had passed, but we never doubt God, do we? Even when we have faith and do not doubt, I suspect that someone, the one we know as the Devil, went along with Moses to remind him of the past, just like that one does with you and me. "You're walking right back to the gallows, boy!" If he took his eyes off of his God, Moses had plenty of time for fear and dread to steal his joy. However, from the rest of the story, we know that Moses went on to bring his people out of Israel. Wow, it must be early morning or something. Okay, he brought his people out of Egypt in the biblical story. In Bucky's befuddled brain who knows where Moses and the Israelites were going. 'Israel' just typed right out there without even a typo. Praise the Lord for our Bible, you can check it against my examples to make sure Moses was going the right direction.

God bless you on this Friday morning!

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