Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bit of God's Wisdom

Yeeoww! I didn't wear enough hat this morning for my little stroll down to Bible study. My ears are thawing, but perhaps a bit of weather wisdom might be better for me. So much wisdom abides in our Lord and in His Word, can I get a little in me, please? As we look back on our lives thus far, we find it easy to see examples of some very unwise decisions. For some of us, it might be that we should have looked a bit deeper into the person who looked so good in that dress or suit. For others, perhaps that snazzy new car could have waited a few years. All the would have, should have, and could haves don't stand up to save us though. Here is a bit of God's wisdom to pass along today - everything we have messed up, God can easily fix up.

Some wisdom comes from experience, but that is a harsh teacher. God will allow us to go our way if we insist on it. We often learn some bitter lessons this way. However, I would like to learn a few lessons from my Lord, preferably without all the pain of experience. The proverbs collected by Solomon are a good place, but the parables of Jesus might be better still. I know that some teachers think that we should not place more emphasis on the red lettered parts of the Bible, but shouldn't we look to the words right from the source first? Good news there, Jesus didn't write down any of the Bible with his own human hands.

All of the Bible as we know it came through human agents. I think that God had even the gospel writers put it down on paper later just for this reason. We don't know if John kept a journal as the little group of disciples traveled around Galilee and Judea, but it seems that all of the gospels were recorded well after the death and ascension of our Lord. Jesus could certainly have picked scribes to be his disciples, well except for the fact that so many didn't believe in Him, but he picked fishermen and a tax collector among others. Jesus could have come to earth after the video camera was invented, but He didn't.

The bit of God's wisdom in this may be that in reading "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." We also remember "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Jesus quoted often from the Old Testament perhaps to remind us that God's Word from the olden times had not been set aside. The prophets have much to say in the OT about what is coming soon for us now. We ignore that at our peril. Numbers tells the story of Balaam and God making his donkey talk to him about the wisdom of not trying to plow over God's angels. If God can make Balaam's donkey talk, He can certainly fix up my little problems!

God be praised today and every day!

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