Saturday, February 09, 2013

You Just Know...

Someone did it. Perhaps more than just one. The metereouloguos folks did their thing and predicted 2 or 3 feets of snow. The government officials did their thing and told people to get home and stay there. But, somewhere in this massive blizzard out east, someone said to their friends, "I gots me this 4-wheel drive, full-size, power-chipped, jacked-up vehicle and it's time to show what it can do!" They took their imagined powerful monstrosity out on the road and got stuck. Then, a few cars with no business trying to make a few more miles in the storm got stuck behind the stranded behemoth, and his truck, and soon the entire highway was shut down because the snowplows can't plow vehicles. Maybe the cars got stuck first, but you just know it happened.

We are not fools, but we do act foolishly. Oh, not all the time, but you, me, or that mysterious group called 'they' have all spent our time playing the fool in some situation. We pray that no one gets hurt or worse for our foolishness, but sometimes that happens too. We may comfort ourselves that the fools are all out east in the big storm, but if we get enough snow in our area tonight we will be proven wrong. Thank goodness that God loves those of us who make mistakes!

Have a great weekend in Christ!

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