Monday, August 11, 2008

Glory to God - August 11, 2008

Good morning, Lord! We are glad that you are here with each of us today. The beautiful sunrise reminds us of your promise to return one day and take us home with you. The soft blue of the sky reminds us to love one another, and the brilliant orange on the clouds shows your love for us. What a glorious day in Christ Jesus!

The Olympics are well underway once more. It is difficult to not talk about something that everyone else, at least in the media, is talking about. Just as we are called to do something in this life, so are the athletes from around the world called to perform in their respective sports. We can admire their physical talents and skills, but their calling is not our calling. You and I may never see a gold medal for our performance in this world. However, Christ has promised something much better in the next world. We also know that accolades and honors in this world can be used to bring glory to God the Father. The world came up with evolution in an attempt to shift the glory away from God. We know from the promises in the Bible that God will one day be glorified forever by those who believe in Him. How we look forward to hearing the angelic choir, and joining in with our own song of praise. Let the glory of the Lord rise above us on this fine Monday morning!

God bless you,


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