Monday, August 04, 2008

Celebrate the New Week - August 4, 2008

Good Monday morning! Today is the imaginatively entitled "Civic Holiday" in Canada. Although we are not celebrating any specific day here in the U.S., I couldn't help but think that everyday there is a celebration going on somewhere on this big planet. The celebration might be the birth of a child, or a wedding, or even a national event commemoration. An event of international scope takes place this Friday when the Olympics begin in China. However, what do we celebrate each and every day of the year? That's right, the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some days that celebration is a bit muted, a low-key affair. The body may hurt from injury or disease, the mind may be depressed by bad news, or we may just feel far from our Lord on a particular day. Other days we may celebrate the Good News with overflowing joy and blessing as trials are endured and overcome. From small victories to the final victory when Christ returns, we have joy and grace in our Lord! Take a moment this morning to reflect on the victories that God has given you through His Son on this day.

Have a wonderful week in Christ!


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