Sunday, April 27, 2008

Closer to Jesus - April 27, 2008

Good Sunday morning! The week begins once more with a day of worship and praise for our Lord Jesus! On a bright and frosty morning out here, we seek the Lord in prayer and faith. How is your imagination doing today? Have you thought about work and imagined some conversation, situation or conflict? No, that's good. You shouldn't on a Sunday morning. My imagination took off on me once more with those anxious thoughts of imagined conflict. I had to laugh. What a silly thing to do to myself on a lovely Sunday morning of rest and worship in Christ! People may not understand the maelstrom of thoughts that can lead a person to anxiety or depression. Praise God that few have the conditions that cause these terrible afflictions. However, as in everything, God can use these mental conditions to remind us where our salvation lies. By trusting completely in Jesus anxious and depressed thoughts are turned to peaceful and loving joy in Christ Jesus. The sun may shine on the just and the unjust, but it also shines on the mentally upset and the peacefully content. Choosing to believe in Jesus can make any of us more at peace as we grow closer to our Lord. He does not save us and then walk away leaving us to struggle with our new faith. Every step of our journey back to Jesus is one of closer friendship and love with our Lord. Praise God the Father for the everlasting and faithful love of Jesus Christ!

May God's great love fill you on this wonderful day!


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