Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Big Lie and the True Answer - April 17, 2008

Good Thursday morning! In reading further into the coming genetic revolution, I find that it is quite likely that many of the goals will be met. The scientists are not stupid and they do know that their discoveries may be used in either good ways or bad ways. What I fear in this new technology is the big lie. Gaining an ageless body on this earth will not make one immortal, nor free anyone from the pain we experience in this life. What would happen if your or my insurance company would pay for an age-defying genetic procedure, but our relatives and friends could not have this done. You or I might be caught up in a seemingly endless cycle of funerals for dear loved ones. That is seeing the bad side though. What would happen if all of us were able to have some genetic modification and became ageless in these bodies. Imagine how petty irritations might explode over the years. Imagine how the sorrows you know now might grow as the years pass.

I call the promise of agelessness through genetics a big lie because of the possibility that humans might think that through this we will have saved ourselves. We know that only in Jesus will we find eternal life, and not through a lie of simply continuing in the life we have on this earth. Even if our bodies do not age, what would we really gain? Look around you; how long do you want to stay here while Jesus holds a place for you in Heaven? How many wars would any of us like to witness before we go? In the Revelation, we read of unbelievers crying out for death and not being able to find it. Could this be that they did discover a genetic way to cure the aging problem?

How much better is it to look upon our aging as a blessing from God? We have a time piece within us that is counting off the moments until we can be with Jesus. Each new day brings us one day closer to our Lord and Savior! In Christ this is not a depressing thought, but one of great joy and anticipation. Today, I am one day closer to the Lord than I was yesterday! The suffering and sorrow of the past days are gone forever, and I look forward to the day when our sorrows and suffering will be ended by our Lord Jesus...permanently! The coming genetic revolution may make some of life a bit easier. Arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and other conditions may become a thing of the past for some or all of us. However, while we praise God for that, we will remain fixed in our faith in Jesus, the only true answer to the world's ills.

May God grant you peace and joy on this fine day,


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