Monday, November 03, 2014

Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Certainly Jesus would vote for one of us, wouldn't He? I mean, His Christian runs for office, surely our Lord would be behind the politician all the way, right? In a question like that, it is hard to tell. Jesus didn't come here to do what the religious leaders thought he should do. Some tough opposition to our Lord's ministry came from those very religious leaders. And, Jesus didn't shy away from a verbal stomping of those same leaders. Had those leaders been an elected office, Jesus as a Jewish man may not have voted for them. But, those men were in the wrong, we're asking about faithful Christians who want to serve in public office.

Again, still tough to answer that one. Our Lord sees all, and so He also knows the suitability of a man or woman for office now, and what that office will do to His child in the days to come. In the case of suitability, I believe that I would be wholly unsuited to political office. The Lord has not put it on my heart to do this thing, so I don't. Others, brothers and sisters in Christ, run for office and we are glad to support them. Would Jesus vote for them? We may not know for sure, but is not our vote as the body of Christ a part of Jesus supporting His Christian? The wonderful thing about the privilege of voting is that each of us can enter into prayer with God and decide our vote.

We can also consult with our brothers and sisters in Christ, or simply decide with God alone. We can allow the decision to be made by others too. Voting always has the freedom to abstain; I do that in races where I have no knowledge of the office or the candidates. Who would Jesus vote for? I cannot answer that. I struggle enough with who I should vote for. Does God stand above these elections and let the people decide? Maybe, but I for one want my Lord's input into my decision. I guess the question should be: Who would Jesus have me to vote for? And in answering that question, I suppose Jesus does let me know who He would vote for.

Have a wonderful day in Christ, and remember to vote tomorrow, if you haven't already.


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