Monday, November 04, 2013

The First Monday

For the first man, the first Monday arrived after God took a rest day. It is no wonder then that things went downhill from there. We know from our faith that a rest day from creating everything is not a rest day in the way that we think of resting by doing nothing. God was not absent when Adam and Eve rebelled because we can read today how He went right to the source of the problem, that old serpent. Now crawling on his belly in the dust of the earth, the serpent was cursed with a sort of forever Monday. Sometimes we may feel like that on a Monday.

We arrived at the next first Monday when Adam and Eve are out of the Garden of Eden and attempting to go it alone. We know this didn't work from the start because hardly had they left the gates of Eden when Eve turned to Adam and said, "I'm cold!" God made them the first clothing because Adam needed training in the art of turning living animals into clothing. The food bit would come much later, but Adam understandably had a bit of trouble with killing an animal he had just named into something that, as we say, is no more. The first Monday didn't get any better when our distant ancestors looked at the plot that was to feed them and saw the new thing called 'weeds'. Eve began a new tradition that Monday evening when she demanded part of Adam's new skin because, as she put it, "I'm still cold."

The first postdiluvian Monday brought to Noah the first recorded hangover. He woke up naked under a strange blanket, and came out of the tent cursing Ham for some unwise remarks the kid made about Dad's little accident with the wine. From that story we learn that on a Monday it is best just to keep the mouth shut about embarrassing things we see on the weekend. Covering for Dad has since become a time-honored tradition in more ways than one. But has Monday gotten a bad rap over the centuries?

Today is the start of a new work week. If last week was filled with screw-ups, we need to face the consequences, but it is still a new week and a chance to start again. New things may come this week, and we know who is in charge of making all things new. A Monday is a chance to tackle obstacles with new energy and a renewed mind. Maybe last week's accomplishments wouldn't fill the bottom of a small bucket, but Monday is another chance to fulfill our calling in Christ. Of course, Monday is not just you and me, others too begin the first day of the working week with refreshed minds.

If someone spent the weekend in dissolution, then payment will come, but it need not come from us. We can look at Monday with enthusiasm. A thing that I must admit has not always been one of my strengths. Each Monday though is like the first step after a good shower or bath. We are clean and ready to put on a clean outlook. If it does not always seem that way, let us ask God to cleanse us in body, heart, and mind. A Monday is a fresh chance to serve!

Let the strength of God flow in you today,

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