Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Week!

Hooray! It's here. The week of giving thanks to our Lord with all of our hearts and souls. Back in the day, festivals were declared for a week at a time. We have lost something in our world of rush and speed. A day is just not enough for a good festival and feasting. I'm not likely to change the world's view on this with a little devotional, but if enough of us begin to think of an entire week of giving thanks to God, we might accomplish what seems impossible.

In time, we may begin to think that a week is not enough time for a festival of thanksgiving, then a month, and even a year as not enough. Of course, that is why God gives us all of eternity to give praise and thanksgiving to Him. For now, a week of thanksgiving is a good start. Let us begin the day with a prayer of thanksgiving, and then continue through this week. Set aside what has been lost, give up what we don't have, and give thanks for today. Praise God for those with us, and wait patiently for those coming later. Leave behind the pain of yesterday, or last night for the Bronco fans, and face the day with gratitude.

Will it take us an entire week to give thanks for our list? Only if you make a list, of course. Each day brings with it new hope and new mercies from God. Count the blessings we can on this day. Tomorrow will bring its own blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for this great Monday!

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