Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scrap Number One, Try Again

Whoa, a lengthy devotional just went in the recycle bin. Sometimes, it is necessary to scrap number one, and try again. That is a bit of a lead in to salvation. We start out this life and learn to look out for number one; that is, the self. Often after we have thoroughly blown it, we scrap that old number one, and we are reborn in Christ. We get to try again. Placing Christ as number one in our lives does not make the living easy. In fact, if we were permitted to know the would have beens, life in our own strength and ability may have ended with riches and contentment in our old age. Someone wins the lottery, it might have been us. I mean stranger things have happened: people used to make good money on savings account interest.

The first number one strives for all manner of things; wealth, homes, fame... you know the drill and the desires. Some few do achieve the lot, but many people gradually settle for less and less until they reach a form of bittersweet contentment. Others through circumstance and perhaps a bit of foolishness reach a point where looking up is the only possible view. Life working for that first number one can be brutal. Often, it is the one who must look up though who sees the Redeemer of life. We get a chance that the person who achieves a certain level of comfort for the self may never realize: a chance to give up the first number one for the One who gives life abundantly.

Jesus promises many things, but a life of ease is not one of them. We may have it easy in one way, but have just a boat load of problems in another area. As Shakespeare mentioned, we may have troubles in battalions attacking us. I don't recall the exact quote because I have my Saturday stupid on and my oatmeal is getting cold. One thing I know, Jesus promised eternal life to those who believe in Him. Does it really matter then what troubles come between now and the day God orders us to come home? Bring 'em on! I'll meet them in the strength of my Lord and Savior.

A bucket of God's blessings to pour on your battalion of troubles today!

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