Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Working The Watch

Good morning! I can admit it; I'm growing less fond of bananas. The doc wants my potassium level to come up, but I'm seriously considering other methods. Ah, a little bit of insight into what those Israelites felt when facing another manna breakfast back in the day. When we grow weary of something, it may not be a desire for variety that leads us so much as an effect of the curse of sin. There was nothing wrong with manna, in fact it was a direct gift from God in the wilderness and tasted good. Bananas are not bad for me and the taste is at least endurable - probably should have asked myself on another day, like before I ate them daily for a couple of months.

Working the watch, we grow weary of seeing the same view or scenery. There is nothing wrong with the scenery, it is the curse upon us. We grow easily bored. The military is especially good at putting a person in a small office with a phone that must be answered in a specified manner. How the poor phone watch must long to give a more cheerful greeting, or pop in the occasional funky rap, or something to break up the monotony. Again, there is nothing wrong with answering the phone, in fact it is a useful communication device, but we are not well suited to keeping watch in our current condition.

We can get drunk on alcoholic drinks, fat on food, and dopey from dope, but what if nothing is inherently wrong with these things? What if our reaction to them is a result of the curse of sin that Adam brought down upon us all? Why would I put that out there? The promise of Isaiah 25:6 in the ESV speaks of well-aged wine and fatty food in the Lord's feast. Why would the Lord promise something that is bad for us? Of course, He would not. That turned my thinking to what happens here, under the curse. The bad things like getting drunk or fat that come from the good things of God are a part of the curse, not how God intended it to be for us. In the garden, Adam was not weak in the way we endure our weaknesses for things each day. Some of us are so weak in an area that a flat 'no' is the only option.

Now that is a terrible thing to say with Halloween and the candy season fast approaching, but there it is. Each of us may have something that we can only avoid until we can enjoy it properly, and without consequence, in God's kingdom. Until that day comes, our will power and will may not be enough to stand alone. We need Christ and an infusion of His strength and mercy each morning. Another day of working the watch may seem the most boring thing imaginable, or the excitement may be too much to handle, but some days we just gotta submit to God's will and endure the test.

Okay, I'm psyched up, no more Snickers today! God bless you on this fine day,

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