Thursday, October 17, 2013

Did You Say "If?", Aw, Ya Just Blew It!

Good morning in the air! Eh, is one of us flying this morning? No, I just anticipate that meeting in the air with Christ a little sometimes. James reminds us to have faith and don't doubt. So we struggle to believe constantly in God's goodness and provision, only to run into that moment when an 'if' escapes our thoughts or lips. Did you say, "If?", aw, ya just blew it! God's provision cannot come to unbelief, I am doomed, let in the Philistines, the city has fallen. Maybe it isn't that bad and the real doubt didn't arrive until we started all the negative thinking.

Thoughts and stray words will come. If I am called to account for every doubt and idle word I am lost, of that there is no doubt. Forgiveness works for these little darts that get by my shield of faith, or God's mercy has holes in it and Jesus need not have endured the cross. I don't believe that God's mercy can have holes or exceptions. A doubt may fly in from the enemy, or it may arise in that ever-doubting carnal flesh we carry. Our job is to learn self-control so as not to entertain these doubts with a full-blown negativity luncheon. Did you know that shields in the olden days were not regarded as passive defenses?

No, a shield could be used in the offense too. By smashing down on an emeny, er, enemy, or ramming with the weight of the soldier behind it a shield became a weapon. We tend to look on our shield of faith as a passive defense only. Use your faith to smash those doubts!

And be sure to get up for some Christmas music this morning, like me!

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