Friday, October 18, 2013

When She Said 'Foolproof', I Knew Disaster Was Close

Good Friday morning! The following line concluded a simple recipe for pie crust, "This is foolproof." When I read that, I knew that disaster was near in my future. Anyone who learned of old to make a pie crust probably remembers that first time, and maybe the second and even third as well. Rolling out a pie crust is one of the more tricky operations in baking pies from scratch. Many will go to the store and purchase pre-made and rolled pie crusts to avoid this very thing. The last thing anyone should place on a pie crust recipe is the label 'foolproof'. Partly this is due to the fact that nothing is foolproof because fools are so ingenious. I can tell you that we have a lot of ways to mess up things people try to label as proof from us.

The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable. We know the rest of that story. Airships, bridges, buildings, and other large projects have fallen after someone tried to label them as great or wonderful or, dare we say it? - foolproof. Salvation is foolproof. Whoa! Did I just dare to do that? Yes, I believe I did. Wanna know why? Easy, God kept the fools out of it.

We can't mess up our salvation because we had nothing to do with it. Jesus came here, died for our sins, and rose again on the third day. From the cross, He said, "It is finished!" Me and my fellow fools were not involved. In fact, some of them even scoffed while the master chef was giving His life for the recipe that saved us all. Fools may not see the great work going on right before their very eyes. Fools may also try to label a man-made work as foolproof, but we know this is just foolish. Jesus performed the work of salvation himself with good reason. Us poor lost sinners and fools really know how to mess stuff up the first time we try, and salvation is just too important to mess up. Our only duty is to believe in the One who gave us eternal life. And as practicing fools, we tend to fool around with our belief more than enough. Let it rest in Him!


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