Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Unexpected Goodness

Good morning! Though not nearly so early as my morning began on Monday. I was messing around with the time on a clock radio/CD player and inadvertently set the 'B' alarm on Sunday. The alarm obligingly triggered at midnight and I woke up to some faint goodness in the form of Third Day. Of course had the alarm volume been set higher I might not have called it goodness as too much of any music at midnight can be quite the fright. Not that a pre-Halloween fright may not be good for me, but as I get older I find that those sorts of things aren't quite so enjoyable.

Now, the other side of the story is that my dear mother visiting this weekend expressed some small displeasure in hearing her progeny go on about their old age experiences. So, to honor my mother and father, I resolve to mention only my youthful good looks, sharp memory, clear eyesight, and...um, why do I feel as though I just dropped into a marketing black hole? I suddenly feel the urge to write ad copy. Yes, taking just two Vunder pills each morning can return the magical powers of youth! Available at your local outlet for just $18.99 per month. Payable in installments of $49.99 whenever we feel the urge to charge your major credit card! I would claim too much caffeine, but I drink decaf.

Unexpected goodness is a treat we may not get often enough for our liking. Yet, as we discussed in our Bible study this morning, if we get it often, we come to expect it, and we lose the pleasure of the unexpected goodness. If I set my alarm to go off every midnight with no good reason to get up at that time, it wouldn't matter how good the music, I would still be classified as what the psychology professionals call 'crazy'. As a man of youth and vigor, I sleep perfectly for 8 hours each night. There is no sense interrupting that with music I can listen to in the daytime. Wow, I think that ad copy snuck in there again!

Praise God for the unexpected goodness that comes at His perfect timing!

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