Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Generating Attitude

Oy! Attitude these days seems to mean rebellion or cockiness or almost anything but the fruits of the Spirit. However, once upon a time we sought to generate attitudes that made the day brighter, helped with changing a task of drudgery to a task of pleasure, or helped us to help others with enthusiasm. Generating good attitude is not necessarily easy though. The Spirit of Christ is not just along for the ride in us. We have an advocate, a helper, and a counselor all in one glorious Holy Spirit given to us by Christ Jesus himself. We have the power in us to become an attitude generator of prodigious skill.

Yes, the aches and pains we experience in this life can wear us down. But where are those aches and pains? In us, right where the Holy Spirit has taken up residence. Where do the bad attitudes and thoughts of defeat come from? In us, in the same place we have a Counselor for good. Where does that inclination toward sin come from? In us, where the Advocate and Helper sits ready to come to our aid at every moment. Do we see the pattern now? Did not Jesus apply the power we need most right where we need Him the most? Hooray! Let us rejoice in Christ and generate some good attitude. Me and God, we can beat anything!

To God's great glory in us,

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