Monday, April 03, 2017

Out Of The Worst Tragedy

All in whose nostrils was the breath of the spirit of life, all that was on the dry land, died. Genesis 7:22

I would imagine this verse was written down on a Monday. The scribe taking notes from the elders, perhaps even Moses himself, looked up and said, "Everything died, really? And you want us to trust the God who did this?"

Trust in God who killed off all life on His creation save what could be loaded in one ark? Yes, that is the way we follow. Does the world agree with that path? Certainly not. Many is the time we read of how someone went to church, trusted God, believed in Him even, and then some tragedy comes along out of the blue, and they renounce all faith or religion.

"I used to go to church, then God took my son/daughter/mother/father, and I refuse to believe in a God who would do that," they say. How did God come to get the blame for this? Is the tragedy of this world His fault?

Right from near the beginning our two ultimate ancestors decided to go their own way. God's command wasn't good enough for them and with just a little tempting from the Serpent they walked away from their Creator. I suspect it didn't take long after that for someone to start blaming God for all the bad things that happen to us. And all God did was send His Son to fix this little problem.

And... we're late here. Too many wrinkles in the morning routine, but no blaming God! My fault entirely. And the subject is too big for a couple of paragraphs; I need to revisit this one. Why do some suffer a tragedy and turn to God, while others walk away?

Have a good week with our good God,

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