Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fearing To Be Men

​​Put them in fear, O LORD,
​​That the nations may know themselves to be but men. Psalm 9:20

God is God, and I am not Him. We think that being a man is a fearful thing already, but here in the ninth psalm David asks for fear for the nations. One of the great humility lessons we learn in life is that we are but men and women. Salvation is of the Lord and we are incapable of providing it for ourselves or our loved ones. I am glad that fear has a purpose when I need to be reminded that I am just a man.

However, that is not the important thing, for what can I do to save the children of men? God is God, and He is good! Not only can He save the sons of men, but He sent the Son of man to save us all! The best thing about knowing that I am just a man is in knowing that He is God. Yes, I am beaten down and downtrodden and all those biblical words that in my youth I could not conceive of happening to the mighty me. Yes, I cannot lift myself up from the Slough of Despond where the pilgrims had fallen into the snare. The Prison of Despair overcomes the unwary Christian as it does me from time to time. These are the dangers of the journey when one leaves the Savior's side. These are the life of the fallen in a cursed world. But that is not and never has been His final answer!

Great and mighty is the Lord God our Father! Soon, the Lord will come for you and me.


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