Monday, April 17, 2017

Now Is The Time

After these things Jesus showed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, and in this way He showed Himself: John 21:1

We don't know the exact date this happened, but it was already tomorrow on the other side of the world. No, no, times and dates in the way we measure them are a human convention. I may say it is April the 17th as I write this, while someone in China or Australia might say at this moment that it is April the 18th, yet it is still now.

When the Lord our Father set down the hour and day of His Son's return, He was not caught short by a few humans drawing an international date line on a globe. When our Lord Jesus returns it will be at a certain now, and our conventions of dates and times will not matter anymore. When He says, "Now is the time!", that will be the Second Coming of Christ and we will be looking up.

Like the disciple whom Jesus loved, we will perhaps have a moment to say, "It is the Lord!" Or, maybe we won't, but, oh what a day! The return of Christ to Earth to gather up His children, to raise us up from this corruptible flesh, is the now we lovingly look forward to as we struggle against the powers of this present darkness. A promise that tests our faith to the breaking point will not break His sheep as long as He remains the Good Shepherd. Now may not seem all that different from last Monday morning at this time, but... one more week gone by means that He, the Son of God, is one more week closer to His return than last week. Praise God, that special now is closer than ever before!

Have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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