Friday, April 28, 2017

Fulfilling His Word

Fire and hail, snow and clouds;
Stormy wind, fulfilling His word. Psalm 148:8

Today we enjoy the snow and clouds part; I'm quite happy to wait until another day for the fire and hail bit. Whatever our condition of the day, God is always fulfilling His word. Weather comes and goes, our feelings go or stay, and the world news says this or that happened last night, but God is always fulfilling His word.

Is it not wonderful to know that God fulfills His word? So much of our world is disappointment. Government leaders are elected only to fail in their promise much of the time. Corporations rise and fall with the tides of economy, the whims of vogue, or the failures of leadership. The body, the brain, possessions, and man's machines may all fail at any time, but God continues to fulfill His word. That is good for us because there is so much of His wonderful word yet to come!

Much of the end times prophecy is of woe, but what comes after concerns eternal celebration, joy, peace, and the Coming of the Lamb of God in His glory. The final tribulation is brief, but the bliss of eternity lasts, um, a really long time. In gratitude for what His word promises to us His children and His faithful fulfillment each day, we give thanks to the Lord our God, now and forevermore.


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