Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Sin

We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one does not touch him. 1 John 5:18

Suppose a person wants to save himself. One sin against God's law is all it takes to condemn. Since an atonement is required for this one sin, and the wages of sin is death, one life given in atonement should take care of that one little sin. Maybe, but only if God forgives.

For most of us, we would be forced to choose which of our many sins our one life could atone for. After that, we would be lost by the weight of the many other sins we couldn't cover with our blood. It would seem that this way is not going to work, for who among us could live even just a few years on this earth and only have one sin? And if there was this near-paragon of sinless virtue saved all by himself in his own little heaven, who could join him there? Saved in his lonely little heaven, he might just long for some company before very much time had passed. Even Adam needed a partner in the Garden, and Eden was created for him - he couldn't create his own slice of heaven.

There appears to be no question for us that Jesus is the way to follow. A lonely heaven is no heaven at all. An attempt to save only the self is selfish. His way, the way of the cross, was to save all who believe in Him. The promise of the Revelation is of a multitude to great to number. Now that gives us hope that all of us will be there if we just believe in our Lord Jesus.

Reborn in Christ, and I expect a lot of company one eternal day!


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