Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Wandering the Enemy's Camp

Whoa, hold up there a bit, wandering child of the Most High God. On this cold morning, have you found yourself checking out the empty tents of the enemy's camp? Is your dented helm lying behind you in a ditch? Your cloven shield of faith hanging from a tree branch? There are traps and snares left to guard the enemy's tents; the minions of the cruel and merciless enemy of our Lord will return. How have you come to this place?

We live in a world at war. Combat between the saints of the Most High and the minions of the hateful one rages all around us. Sometimes though, the tired and weary foot soldier of the Lord takes a terrible blow and wanders off a bit dazed. He takes off the helmet of salvation, hangs up the shield of faith, and kicks off the boots that brought him to the front lines in this war. He may find himself seemingly alone, unarmed and unarmored, wandering the enemy's camp. Idly looking in this tent or that, he may find much that is entertaining; much that he would not gaze upon if he stood fully equipped in the Lord's armor and armed with the Word.

Such times require a returning, and to return we must look to the Shepherd of our flock, the enabler of our faith, Jesus. We may find ourselves one day in a state much like this soldier of the Lord. The rulers of this present darkness may score a stunning blow and without realizing it, we have wandered away from the battle and into the camp of sin. With or without the full armor of God, our eyes are not protected and they easily see that which they should not gaze upon. But it is much harder to raise the shield of faith to block the tempted gaze when in a funk of depression we hang up that shield on a tree branch back along the way.

Every Christian will at some point in this journey home find his or her feet standing in a place we should not be, holding onto a temptation we should have tossed away; perhaps even naked and ashamed in the enemy's camp. Praise God that His army has aid stations for those soldiers wounded in the battle. The Shepherd of our flock will bring us back as soon as we turn and ask for His good help.

Blessed is His holy name!

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