Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let Faith Speak! And Praise the Name of Jesus

It is a fine morning when we awaken without doubts in our minds over Jesus and His salvation. We know that everyday should be that day, but faith seems more destination than dispensation to us today. Faith may appear as that complex exercise that only the truly accomplished Christian can attain and perform. If our doubts cannot send faith reeling this day, then a few rounds with our shame and guilt will do the poor little fighter in for good and all. Yet, faith, that most enduring of qualities comes back stronger and faster. We don't know for sure how this happens, but our faith is not the lightweight and unskilled recruit that showed up that day so long ago. Our faith may not yet be the mighty warrior stepping forth to battle doubt in the fullness of Christ-like power, but it is not what it once was before the many hardships came that first cast doubt upon the salvation we received from Christ the Lord.

We have the promise that Christ will complete the work He began in us. We have a little faith in the beginning that may be quite bold and loud. We have more faith as we endure many a trial in this land of sorrows. God is not slack concerning His promises and though it may appear slow and troubled in growth that faith we have in Christ works out daily and grows stronger, more powerful, and more firmly standing on the rock of our redemption. Fear not, let faith speak and praise the name of Jesus! Little Faith has grown up some since we last looked at what Christ has done in us.

Amen, thank you Lord Jesus!


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