Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You Bear Me Up

One of the great privileges of the Christian is to bear anothers burdens. I had difficulty on Sunday; you came to help me. Today, you may have the difficulty and I can help through writing, prayer, or presence in your time of trouble. We form into congregations to help each other build up the church. First we worship God, but that too builds up the church and we are strengthened to help each other through it. For us as believers in Christ, it is a great compliment to hear that phrase spoken in love, "You bear me up!" Quite the opposite of the world system where independent strength is rewarded.

You may have trouble accepting the encouragement and help of others. That is the way of the flesh and it is well-trained by the world. We like to have our own strength and resources. We don't want to need anyone. Christ takes the time to teach us that we need God first and our brothers and sisters in Christ second. Like Paul, a person may be called to the ministry without a mate, though that may not be God's path for all of us. However, all of us, single or married, need our friends in Jesus. We need to be born up by our brothers and sisters in the church. This need for help begins at the very start of our relationships in Christ when we need to be born again through faith in the Son of God. Not one thing can we do to save ourselves, only in Christ are we saved.

If you are feeling like the useless part of the body of Christ today, let me help you with that: You bear me up! And thank you for helping me in that.


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