Friday, August 10, 2012

Slam The Hammer Down!

The weekend is almost here. Time for plans of adventure and relaxation to take root and grow in our over-stressed hearts. Slam the hammer down and party like there's no tomorrow! Why does it seem that as I get older the vision of slamming down a hammer more often contains a warning about making sure my fingers are not in the way? The years of wild partying on the weekend are behind me, mostly because of the times that a 'finger' was found in the way of the slamming. Actually, I cannot claim very many wild parties even back in the day. As an introverted type of person, I more often watched others act out the stupid roles in party life. And, more than a few of those folks took to their roles with award-worthy zeal. What did all of that accomplish?

Apparently not much, as each weekend the performances were repeated with some actors in the same roles and others in the tragic parts. Movies and other media try to portray the pain that comes from a weekend of sin, but life does not end on Sunday evening. As the humans behind the party roles file into work on Monday, some will face the challenge and pain of an unexpected pregnancy. Others will be short of cash from paying bail money or fines. Some may have court dates, or perhaps the worst knowledge of all - the death of an innocent person from driving under the influence. Painful responsibility for the weekend of sin arrives on the doorstep without the fun and seduction that temptation brings with it. Before we can look down on those actors, we wonder at times what or who prevented some of those outcomes in our own lives.

In Christ, we don't have the luxury of claiming to have never sinned. More than likely, we too remember those years of playing the parts at parties. Having risked our lives and the lives of others through falling deeply into sin, we have no claim to any moral superiority. However, we can offer understanding, compassion, and an eager ear to listen when the troubles of sin come knocking. We also have opened the door to the Savior who brings healing, love, and hope. The world needs a good answer in Christ. The price of sin is too great for a body to bear even in this life.

God loves you!

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