Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26, 2007

Good morning! 365 days until Christmas! If I am off by a day either way, then I am not going to worry about it. I do know that next year will be a leap year and we will get that extra day tacked on to February. I have five new calendars; I wonder if all of them have leap day where it should be? Yes, one more year is passing and Christmas is over. Soon we will need to think about income tax filing, resolutions for 2008, getting back to work (there's a depressing thought), and changing to new calendars for the new year. What are we going to change about ourselves for the new year? Bad habits, addictions, bad attitudes, and other "bads", are all candidates for a resolution. However, we seem to skip resolving to eliminate bad thoughts. Many of our addictions or bad habits might fall away on their own if we first work on eliminating those bad thoughts. Elimination of bad thinking is not easy; we will need the strength and authority of Christ to accomplish this task. Store away some fond memories of Christmas, and then add Christ himself to those memories. Who gave you the strength to get up this morning? Who died for your sins? Who created the heavens and the earth? Jesus did and by placing Him first in our thoughts, we find the strength and joy to go on living.

Look with hope to the new year and trust in Christ Jesus!


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