Monday, July 02, 2018

The Valley of Decision

Thousands upon thousands are waiting in the valley of decision.
There the day of the LORD will soon arrive. Joel 3:14

Have you ever met someone who knows about Jesus but refuses to make that decision one way or another? Of course you have, for there are many in that valley and they are comfortable there as long as no one presses them to decide. In Joel, the Lord sends word that their time will not last forever. He warns that His day will soon arrive.

Two thousand and some hundreds of years have gone by since Joel wrote and published the word from the Lord. One can easily see the folks in the valley of decision thinking there will be thousands more before that great and terrible day of the Lord arrives. As with many things in this life though, it will soon arrive.

Nations have lasted for centuries, and certainly many lived and died believing their country would last forever. Rulers have handed down the reign to sons for generations, and no doubt some in the middle felt the solid foundation of the monarchy would last and last. In this age, companies have grown to such a size that it would seem they will last forever. Around these parts we know that last one is not true for every company. In other parts of the world, they know that boatloads of kings and queens are dead and their kingdoms forgotten. And even the mighty Roman empire has gone into the dust of history. That day of the Lord looks closer all the time.

We will make mission trips into that valley of decision, and there we will find the undecided. In love we will warn them that the time is soon to arrive when they must decide to go their way or His way. As there is only one Way to the Father, and His name is Jesus; the other must be the way to destruction, and we don't want those we love to go there.

Happy Independence Day week!

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