Friday, July 06, 2018

Sport To A Fool

​To do evil is like sport to a fool,
​​But a man of understanding has wisdom. Proverbs 10:23

We can easily see the first line of this verse by thinking of a group of young boys. That's all it took, right? The script goes much the same: one of the boys suggests to another some act that the parents or elders (or even the law enforcement authorities) would disapprove of without delay. Others of the group may join in suggesting that the second boy is not all that he should be if he does not perform this act, and it is typically one of cruelty toward another. We can see that the parents of that boy are soon to be embarrassed. The group of boys will laugh about it until word of the deed spreads. Young boys tend toward the foolish like ducks to water; to them acts of cruelty can easily become sport if such things are not stopped and punished.

I passed through this phase of life without incident of course and can give no stories of my own to support my point. Mmm, hmm, sure I did. The problem is rather an overabundance of examples to choose from and a firm upbringing in the church and morals by my parents which saved me from many more stories of the regretful sort. So, how do we grow up and gain understanding to have wisdom?

Those we hurt during the growing up often remind us that such actions are not loving and kind, but these actions also store up a wealth of regrets along the way to wisdom. One would hope for an easier way or if easy is not the way at least one that manufactures no regrets along the way. You and I know already that our God is the source of all wisdom, and He gives for the asking. And, as our Lord would rather we not hurt each other, I'm thinking He will give this wisdom generously too! That is of course no startling deduction for my part, words and examples throughout the Bible show how generously our Lord gives to us His love and wisdom.

Rejoice in our Lord's loving generosity this weekend!


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