Saturday, June 30, 2018

Gloriously Awful

I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance. Luke 15:7

A little hobby has come my way as of late, it began when I got out an old stereo thing that I had, and then another came my way via EBay, and someone else gave me 2 sets of old stereo speakers, and it took off from there. More than a few vintage components of 70's or 80's stereo tech now litter/clutter/junk up my basement as I swap them around and play. There is no need to be too careful (and thus make it less fun), because I have spent little money on most of it and none at all on a significant portion. Yesterday, I bought a pair of Montgomery Ward speakers from the early 70's, and they are just the worst in vintage speakers: flat, tinny sounding, no bottom end (bass), in other words, they are gloriously awful to the ear. They have kept their value well since they probably cost $5 off the showroom floor in 1972, and they cost the same yesterday at the yard sale. I rejoiced; they are perfect for showing how much better all the other speakers in the collection sound!

As one of only 100 in need of repentance, you and I are in much the same condition; we make those 99 just persons from our group look good! No, I haven't seen any of those 99 just persons either, and perhaps we have hit upon the point Jesus tried to make to those 'good' persons from long ago. All of us are the one in a hundred because all have sinned and thus all need to repent. Heaven is supposed to be a joyous place, so our repentance is fuel for heaven!

Those cheap little speakers were like lost sinners at that yard sale - only one person wanted them. Like heaven does, I rejoiced in them they were so gloriously awful. 99 feel no need for heaven's help, but there is that gloriously awful one who needs the salvation of our Lord Jesus. From the repentance of that one the vaults of heaven ring with glorious harmony as the saints and angels rejoice together. And that sound I will not find on the earth even if I should spend billions at the greatest audio equipment store the world has ever seen.

Great is the sound of our Lord's name!


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