Wednesday, July 25, 2018

When God Makes Promises

Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.” Genesis 13:17

Land would be quite important for a man promised descendants greater than the number of stars in heaven. Oh, that was another promise of the Lord our God.

Abram was one man, an old man, with one wife, also of that age where birthdays are no longer mentioned, and he owned no land in this new place the Lord had shown to him. Canaan, the land Abram was to take a hike through its length and width, was not exactly a suburban lot. Yes, the Lord made promises that only He could fulfill.

We are given equally impressive promises in the Word. A living man would lay down His life to save us and then raise Himself from the grave on the third day. That's an impressive promise. But, He then promised that He would one day return from Heaven to receive us from this cursed Earth. And, oh by the way, He also promised to make all things new. There are Galilee boatloads of other promises made to us by the Lord in His word. All we have to do is wait on Him!

The promises of our Lord are far beyond the capability of man, and He gives them to us. Gives? What have we done to deserve all of this divine magnificence? Nothing, but giving is what our Lord does for those who will believe in Him.

Peace to you this day in Christ our Lord,

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