Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Time To Pray First

After 0600 and it is still dark outside, must be that autumn thing I've heard about. Problems abound in our land. The descriptions of Israel's abominations in Ezekiel sound so much like what is going on in our nation this day that I cannot help but wonder when the woe will come to us. But we have one big difference in this age: There are many like you and me who get up and pray first. We read about the politics and the persecutions going on in our nation and we pray first. We watch the news and see the sins of many, but we pray first before we do anything else. The nation may be mired in small people with extra-large power making our lives miserable at times, but we have learned to pray for them first. Everyone around us may seem to want to live out some odd reality show, but we can pray first.

Children of the Lord, it is time to pray first.

Our prayer is not effective because we are so good. We know that the effectiveness of our prayer is based on faith in God the Almighty One. Our deeds have not made us righteous; God's Son has given us righteousness and our prayers are all the more effective in Him. We don't want the sin and blasphemy to continue in this age, but we pray because we don't want our neighbor to die in his sins. In Ezekiel's time it seemed that no one but the prophet wanted to get away to pray. In this age, I believe that many of us on this day rejoice in praying to the God we love through His Son, Jesus the Christ.

Have a great praying day in Him!

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