Monday, September 26, 2016

How Much Time Do We Have?

It's 5:18 this morning and the power is out. I am typing by candlelight with a little help from the ol' APC uninterruptible power supply. Yes, that other UPS. I can assure you that given enough time it is quite interruptible, but for now we'll use it to share the good news of Jesus. The question is of course, how much time do I have, as the display of the UPS is hidden from me. Oh, no, he's going to talk about the end times and how much time we have until the return of our Lord. Yup, the Lord has provided, so let's go with it!

I love to talk about Jesus and His return, and we simply have no way to know how much time is left before His arrival to snatch us up from this cursed Earth. As servants, we are to expect the Master's return at any moment. Blessed is that servant who will be found watching, as our Lord says. Sure, I would like to give you a date and time, so that we all might be ready and waiting for Him. But we know how that goes too. How many of us have procrastinated a school assignment right up until very near the due date? Maybe you were not that type of student back in the day, but I seemed to work that way always in those days. I cannot help but think my Christian assignment would go that same way if I knew the date Jesus was coming. I fear that I might well be counted among the foolish bridesmaids by telling myself I can get more oil tomorrow, should I be given that information which Jesus said no man knows. Praise God that He did things His way, for my way is full of peril.

And now, before the return of our Lord, which may come at any moment, let us praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and go forth in His love.


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