Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trust: A 24x7 Operation

Good evening or afternoon. Not quite 90º yet, but the temp is flirting with it. Early in the morning or late in the evening; after the kids have gone to bed or before the pets get up; anytime you have a spare moment, the need for trust in God comes a calling. Perhaps it should be that the enemy is after us 24x7, but without giving the adversary more credit than is due him, we have a need to trust in God on a 24x7 basis. You know from prior experience, if not it will come to you, that at zero-dark-thirty in the morning you will feel the creeping fingers of dread steal over your heart. What if? Should I have...? The questions start and the time for trust is upon you once more. We want to think that a prayer of trust in the morning before we take off for work should be enough to at least get us through the day. It is not. Better, might be a prayer during the Sunday church service that would be enough for the week, but again, it doesn't work that way. Every day at every time of the day we must trust in God. And if that is not difficult to learn, I don't know what is. I am hearing just a constant stream of variations on 'You're doomed!' coming from the enemy right now, and living with that is tough.

Trust is my word of the year as I may have mentioned before. I wanted to use 'giving', but no, the Lord said 'trust'. Who do you suppose turned out to be right? I need that word this year more than I ever have emotionally and spiritually. Each day and every night the challenge to let go of my control and trust in God comes before me. If you recognize a theme from Pastor Luther's sermon this past Sunday, you are correct. Even a guest minister who comes but twice a year has a message for me from God, and he probably didn't know it was aimed specifically at my situation. You may have said the very thing yourself sitting in that service, or perhaps you said it for a different word. When God gives us a word to work on for the year, we can get ready for situations that call for it. This morning, to help in this, I printed out several versions of a verse.

Yes, the different translations all say the same thing, but not exactly in the same way. By slowly going through each of these verses, I get a better understanding of what God is trying to get into my heart. 'The evidence of things not seen' reads just a little different than 'conviction of things not seen.' Both are good translations, but put together I get a little more into my heart. Add to that, 'it gives us assurance about things we cannot see,' and I have a little more. Of course, I 'm reading Hebrews 11:1, the definition of faith. Trust and faith go together much like trust and obedience do. I will admit that my faith is a little battered right now. I want to see some evidence, which is exactly opposite of what the test of faith is all about, not seeing evidence and still believing in and trusting in God.

God be with you,

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