Monday, April 30, 2012

The Morning of a Little Ironing

Good morning on this interesting day. I have not ironed for many a day, but this morning the Lord would have me to iron a shirt. While doing this mundane but rather satisfying task of chasing the wrinkles away, I found a new solace in the Lord's company. Just the simple act of obeying our Lord in such a simple task felt good and right. Is that such a simple task though? The irons of today require electrical power, which comes to the iron through a large electrical system including the wiring in my home, the City of Sidney power grid, and the wider power system in the region. The home took months to build and required the services of many trades, some of those served years as apprentices before they could take on jobs of this magnitude. After building, the home needed at the very least a surface and the iron itself. Then we take for granted our ability. To pick up the iron required more strength than some people have in this world. Moving the iron required a certain amount of coordination to avoid ironing little things like my other hand and my belly. God provides a lot to go into this simple task. We could continue into the nation, its defense forces, the peace to do simple domestic chores and the universe. Even in what seems a simple task we have much to be grateful for.

Does God wish us to thank Him for even the seemingly small things that we an do ourselves? As we can now see, the simple things are not so simple, and, yes, God very much wants us to come to Him in gratitude for even the simple things. The foundation stone or the cornerstone of a building seems rather simple. Just a big block of rock or concrete to start building on. Again, we can go into the selecting of the material, drawing of plans, site survey, measuring, and locating to show how that big rock is not so simple. The cornerstone of our faith is Jesus Christ, and the construction of the church, the body of Christ, is anything but simple. On the other hand, complex tasks to us may be among God's simplest chores. We do not have God's view, but we do have the privilege to trust in the Almighty. The One who is trustworthy to the utmost definition of His Word. In a simple domestic chore, or in a major project, we can trust in God to provide the time, strength, ability, people, money, and the power to get the job done.

What if I am to write for 40 more years? Other than being at a ripe old age when I get there, I need to trust in God to provide all I need to endure for that long. That is too much to add on my fingers, but I estimate that to be a whole pile of devotionals, perhaps even one of those great, big, huge piles. Should I pace myself for this effort? No, I want to pour it all out everyday and trust in God to refill me for each new effort. I'm not ready to take up ironing shirts for a living just yet, but the task is satisfying in the final result. Obedience brings its own reward. Now there's a thought for today.


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