Monday, April 16, 2012

How Does He Know?

Good Monday evening! My question this evening is one of provision. How does the Lord know to provision my path with just the right words, at just the right time of day, from a man who wrote them long ago, and has been dead himself for more than a century? Yet, somehow the Lord knows to have someone in a faraway organization sit down and take a few paragraphs, sometimes more and other times less, from a lifetime worth of writing and choose just the right bit to uplift my soul and shore up my faith. I didn't know how far gone my trembling faith might be at this time even from the vantage point of this morning. But the Lord our God knew from before I was born that just the right words would be needed right now. And where do these words come from that writers in the 19th century wrote, or that I write now to send to you? From the Bible of course. If God knew how to have a 19th century writer put down the perfect words, how much more awe-inspiring is it that God knew how to have John, or Paul, or David, or Moses write the perfect words for a dark night of the soul from thousands of years before you or I live and read those words? Would it be possible for me to write the perfect words tonight that might give Joseph or Joshua a much needed encouragement at just the right time? I don't know, and thinking about something like that makes my brain hurt.

We know that God is above time. The span of centuries separates me from Joshua, you from Moses, and all of us from the incarnate Jesus. However, the risen Jesus is right here with you and me. In His glorified body, the Second Coming has not arrived for us. In His wonderful Holy Spirit, he is here right now, never leaving us, never forsaking us, feeling our pain and fear, comforting the trembling heart, and encouraging us as we struggle. No more intimate relationship exists for us than with our Lord Jesus through His Holy Spirit. Though a promised action may seem delayed to you and to me, the Lord is not leaving us to dangle over the cliff without good reason. Do not let the dread turn to despair. Turn instead to the One who saves.

Have a marvelous evening in Christ!

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